An argument in favor of eliminating death penalty to uss criminal justice system

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An argument in favor of eliminating death penalty to uss criminal justice system

Sometimes, the price comes like clockwork every month, like the interest on the national debt or on the balance you are carrying on your credit card. Sometimes, the problem resurfaces suddenly, like deferred maintenance on your car or a bridge that collapses because warnings that it was crumbling were ignored.

When you ignore a mentally ill person with a history of violence, often the price paid is that an innocent person ends up dead. K-mart has surveilance videotape. Witnesses observed the direction the killer walked away immediately after the early evening shooting.

He was a regular at that K-mart store, where he bought lottery tickets, so K-mart employees who saw him can be expected to be reliable witnesses.

I suspect that physical evidence will surface before the case is over. The press has not stated whether a gun was recovered. When his case goes to trial, it will be an insanity defense case with a decent chance of success because the mental illness was well documented long before the murder took place.

Even if Law is convicted of the first degree murder with which he has been chargeda death penalty is probably unlikely, given mitigating evidence of his mental illness, although statisticallyhis fate is made perilous because he is a black man who killed a white woman.

It could have been entirely random, or it could have been a case where Law felt that DeBell got a job that he applied for and should have received.

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Whatever the motive, DeBell is dead now. Nunez is in critical condition at Swedish Medical Center. Many researchers believe that one of the main causes of the declining murder rate in the United States is improved trauma treatment at hospitals. The Denver Post revealed today that Law has a long history of schizophrenia including being "paranoid with hallucinations.

He had a run in with the law in He attacked a co-worker and arresting officer inin an incident that left him with a felony record, and was on medication through when his correctional supervision ended. Is it really a surprise that six years later, apparently without any supervision from anyone, that he slips up and acts violent under the influence of his mental illness again?

Incidents like this one are a common result of a disruption in taking psychiatric medication. While there is no cure for schizophrenia, it is a highly treatable and manageable illness. However, people may stop treatment because of medication side effects, disorganized thinking, or because they feel the medication is no longer working.

People with schizophrenia who stop taking prescribed medication are at a high risk of relapse into an acute psychotic episode. In America, prescription drugs that necessary to provide life or sanity are just one more luxury, available only to those who have the money to pay for them. Never mind that drugs to treat schizophrenia not only heal the person who is mentally ill, but also protect the rest of us from random violence.

The fact that he lived in an apartment in a working class neighborhood and shopped at bargain basement K-mart on a regular basis is also suggestive of the notion that he may not have been able to afford the medicines he needed.

Medicaid is hard to qualify for if you are single man with no dependents Even if Law qualified, he may have lacked the bureaucratic acumen to apply and prove that he was an eligible disabled person by virtue of his mental illness and income. Colorado enrollment in the relevant program is also capped at 2, people at a time, and there are often waiting lists, even for men like Law, who, we learned, was a ticking time bomb that the system was informed of, but ignored.

Certainly, nothing in existing law gave anyone the right to be told that he had slipped out of treatment, or the authority and duty to urge him to get back on his meds, at state expensive, if necessary.the justices rejected the argument that it was impossible to predict future behavior and that dangerousness was therefore an invalid consideration in imposing the death penalty Restraining order, a sentencing, treatment, or even custody.

Military Commissions are run by the Department of Defense through the work of five organizations to achieve the overarching goal of a just resolution to all commissions cases.

The Board finds Andre guilty, based in part on his confession, and recommends the death penalty. Major Andre is executed under the orders of General Washington at.

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An argument in favor of eliminating death penalty to uss criminal justice system

Matter of Acme Bus Corp. v. County of Suffolk – A.D.3d (2nd Dept.

An argument in favor of eliminating death penalty to uss criminal justice system

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