Argumentative essay on the bible

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Argumentative essay on the bible

They also believe that the Bible contains special features which constitute evidence of its divine inspiration. We may refer to it as "the Argument from the Bible". Although almost all evangelical Christians agree with it at least to some extent, it is an argument that is for the most part ignored by professional philosophers of religion.

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One explanation for such neglect is that the argument can be easily refuted. I believe there are millions of such "strawpeople" out there!

The Argument Formulated The Argument from the Bible is usually regarded as a kind of "cumulative-case" argument. It may be formulated as follows: Also, the Bible contains no conflicts with modern science or errors of a factual nature.

Other premises are sometimes appealed to in the formulation of the argument. For example, Henry M. Morris places much emphasis on the alleged uniqueness of the Bible.

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It includes what are regarded to be the main factors within the Argument from the Bible. Premises 35and 9 might be challenged by suggesting alternate explanations for the given data. An appeal might be made, for example, to the possibility of ESP or precognition on the part of some humans in the case of 3or the phenomenon of spontaneous remissions and resurrections of some humans in the case of 5or simply the exceedingly high intelligence of the Biblical authors and editors in the case of 9.

If those steps are erroneous and do not express facts, then premises 35and 9 can be attacked on the grounds that what they call "facts" are not that but errors instead.

What I put forward is merely a sketch. Details to fill out the sketch are provided elsewhere.

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Alleged Fulfilled Prophecies There are hundreds of alleged prophecies in the Bible, most of them in the Old Testament, which are supposed to have been remarkably fulfilled, thereby showing the divine inspiration of Scripture. I shall here look at just a few of them. I Bethlehem Consider, first, Micah 5: However, there are many problems with that: David had been from old times described as "the son of the Ephrathite of Bethlehem" 1Sa The verse in Micah states, "out of you [i.

Matthew erred when he called it that Mt 1: Jesus was not any ruler over Israel. In fact, he himself is supposed to have denied that his kingdom was of this world John Also, the ruler is to make Israel a secure place to live Mic 5: It is understandable why Jews, reading Micah, believe that their Messiah has not yet come.

The birth narratives in Matthew and Luke are inconsistent with each other at various points. Furthermore, both stories contain dubious elements. And the story in Luke 2: According to historians, the Romans never conducted the sort of census that Luke describes there, requiring people to travel to the birthplace of their ancestors, nor would such a requirement have much point.

For these reasons, the alleged fulfillment of the Micah prophecy by Jesus is quite doubtful. It certainly cannot be taken to be evidence of the divine inspiration of the Bible.

But there are many problems with that.Read this essay on Argument of the Bible. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Argumentative essay on the bible

Essay on The And Of The Bible - It has always been much speculated, and little doubt exists that the bible was not the work of any single author, but a collection of anecdotes by many. An Essay On Greek Mythology Versus The God Of The Bible Words: Pages: 4 Paragraphs: 5 Sentences: 62 Read Time: For thousands of years, people have followed and worshipped many gods of many religions.

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Essay about Jesus in the Quran and the Bible Words | 6 Pages Jesus in the Quran and the Bible The three most influential books in human history, the holy books of the three main Abrahamic religions, share a common though checkered history.

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