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Business plan erstellen lassen preiser

Copying permitted for private and academic purposes. In almost all our areas of life, be it private or professional, they change our behavior and affect our perception, thinking and feeling.

The Forum Media Technology FMT is a scientific event that aims at providing an intensive dialogue of experts working at agencies, studios, and companies of different industries with students, lecturers, researchers, and developers in the field of digital media.

This year in its 10th jubilee edition, the Forum Media Technology was held on Novemberat St. P olten University of Applied Sciences, Austria. In conjunction with the main conference, the 3nd edition of the trans-disciplinary symposium All Around Audio AAA as well as the 2nd edition of the Graduate Consortium were part of the two day program.

All Around Audio Symposium Although, audio has not abandoned its status as a standalone discipline, its trans-disciplinary participation at the conception and design of products and environments has become more and more essential. In this sense, All Around Audio not only addresses specialists in the audio domain but particularly encourages researchers and designers from other fields to participate in the symposium.

Business plan erstellen lassen preiser its third edition, 16 international speakers were invited for talks on a wide spectrum of topics reaching from media economy, audio technology, auditory display to music and media arts. Graduate Consortium The FMT Graduate Consortium session was intended to provide an opportunity for graduate and PhD students to explore, discuss and develop their research topic in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished researchers.

All submitted papers underwent a double-blind review process, during which each paper was reviewed by at least three members of the international program committee IPC of the conference.

In addition, a total of 7 poster contributions were presented in an interactive sessions, of which 2 posters are part of the special track of the OpenGLAM hackathon, which took place in September at St. P olten University of Applied Sciences.

The accepted papers can be clustered into four areas: For the second time this year, also one best paper and three honorable mention awards were given to the top four contributions of the FMT. The award is based on the scientific excellence of the paper as well as the presentation performance of the authors at the conference.

The selection process for the best paper award followed a three-step process. First, IPC members indicated whether a paper should be considered for the award. Based on that, the paper chairs decided on a short list of four nominated papers for the award and the selected papers authors were informed about their nomination.

The final decision was made by an anonymous best paper committee consisting of three members who took into account both the paper as well as the presentation to make their final decision. Mair, Alexander Rind Session 4: P olten UAS, AT Abstract Stop-motion is an animation technique, in which objects are shifted in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of photos are projected as a continuous sequence.

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In filmic contexts stop-motion reaches a specific potential of expression, but already includes historically grown aspects of intermediality by combining artistic spheres like photography, music, fine arts, theater or puppetry. More comprehensive ideas of animation are featured from several theorists, such as Lev ManovichAlan Cholodenko or Suzanne Buchanwhich also emphasize the variety of manual, mechanical and conceptual possibilities of stop-motion beyond the medium film.

business plan erstellen lassen preiser

The talk Stops in Motion focuses on an expanded notion of stop-motion, its potential before, in, and beyond its filmic boundaries and aims to explore a brief history of this aesthetically diverse animation technique.

Beginning with precinematic devices, the lecture outlines important steps of stop-motion in film history and explores innovative prospects since its digitalization. This not only includes possibilities of established stopmotion software, but also focuses on opportunities in virtual and augmented reality applications.

As stopmotion vitalizes objects in a visible fragmented way, it is an ideal concept for investigating new understandings of cinematic perception. Viewed from this perspective, stop-motion functions not anymore as a technique but as a meta-cinematographic concept and becomes a tool to fragment and recompose the world.

From to she was a university assistant at the department of Theater- Film- and Media Studies in Vienna, from to she worked as lecturer for animation theory and practice at the University of Vienna, University of T ubingen and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

business plan erstellen lassen preiser

Novel designs for visualizing and exploring data together Hans-Christian Jetter, UAS Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg, AT Abstract We are witnessing an unprecedented exponential growth in the data that we create and that we are exposed to in our daily lives. This trend towards Big Data promises novel applications that could revolutionize business, administration, policy making, and science.

To let users experience and make sense of this data, there is already a lot of research on the algorithmic side, e.The resources available in the repositories, e.g. user interface patterns, low-level user interface templates, or glue code, linking the user interface to business objects, play an important role as artifacts during the dynamic adaptation process.

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