How the criminal justice system deals with sex offenders

It will also provide a basic understanding of the American crime problem.

How the criminal justice system deals with sex offenders

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How the criminal justice system deals with sex offenders

Includes bibliographical references and index. Social work with criminals-United States. Jerry Westby Production Editor: Michael Ferreira Cover Designer: Most of the students who counsel offenders in criminal justice settings are not highly trained, skillful, licensed psychologists but are simply individuals to whom corrections has given a job.

This book is intended for anyone who finds him- or herself counseling offenders on the front lines as a result of employment in the criminal justice system. Over the years, a number of books have been published on the subject of correctional or criminal justice counseling.

Each book has emphasized different aspects of counseling in criminal justice settings. Some emphasized modalities and treatment of the offender; others emphasized effective counselor attitudes and therapeutic relating; still others emphasized the counseling process, strategies, and intervention techniques.

To date, no book has given an adequate picture of offenders, their problems, and the problems faced by criminal justice counselors. I realized that there was a need for a practical, clinically oriented text that would meet the unique needs of criminal justice students and better prepare them for interfacing and working with offenders.

The second edition of Counseling Criminal Justice Offenders is designed to provide students and criminal justice workers with an understanding of a the criminal justice offender and his or her problems, including the problem of the treatment of psychopathy; b the counseling process, including a practical knowledge of legal principles, c modalities that are used or have been used in American corrections; d appropriate and effective counselor attitudes; e the [Page xiv]relationship between trauma, addiction, and criminality; f the significance of emotions in the counseling process; g counseling male and female offenders; and h what constitutes success in counseling criminal justice offenders.

The book takes the position that empathy, caring, and the ability to listen well are critical for the criminal justice counselor. Another objective of the text was to help students and criminal justice employees better interface with offenders.

Counselees, including offenders, grow when people listen to them. The final objective was to develop a text with an understandable format that enhanced student learning and problem solving.

Each chapter begins with chapter highlights and key terms and ends with matching exercises and discussion questions. This second edition also contains a section at the end of each chapter that identifies Internet sites relevant to the chapter's subject matter and a section that includes suggested readings.

Care has been taken to include online sites that appear to be stable and not likely to change in the immediate future. This edition is divided into 10 chapters. Chapter 1 contains discussions about basic counseling concepts and important issues with which counselors must grapple.

Chapter 2 explains the counseling process and what counselors may expect to occur during counseling sessions. Chapter 3 highlights and explains the need for criminal justice counselors to be emotionally literate.This is because she is looking at "a larger swath of the criminal justice process" in her analysis, she said.

How the criminal justice system deals with sex offenders

The paper states, "Existing studies have typically focused on single stages of the criminal process in isolation"—in particular, the judge's final sentencing decision. Recent reforms to California’s criminal laws have greatly improved the state’s justice system [O]verall crime rates in California have remained on a long-term downward trend.

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The potential to monitor sex offenders after their release from prison is an obvious example. The technology is now available, and the extension of electronic monitoring could have far-reaching consequences for the way the criminal justice system deals with offenders. Politics • The state's handling of sex offenders came under fire at a recent meeting of the sentencing subgroup — an assembly of lawyers, public safety officials and legislators charged with making recommendations to policymakers on how to drive down the prison population and address the "revolving door" cycle of the criminal-justice system.

restorative justice framework dealing with sex offenders, as proposed in this paper, has the criminal justice system. Rather, it seeks to add restorative justice processes to the existing and “low-level” felony sex crimes, while the other deals exclusively with offenders who have the.

Men caught up in criminal justice system and the Maryland prison system. I’ve sat it on groups for men in our agency and I’ve sat in with the groups for women .

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