Importance of festivals of india in hindi

Foreign travelers are struck by the scale and multiplicity of Indian festivals that have evolved in the society. The word festival means feast day, festive celebration. As kids, when there used to be festivals the only thing that came to our minds was holidays and sweets that in turn meant lots of fun.

Importance of festivals of india in hindi

A Festival at Antwerp17th century Country Festival in Swabia The word "festival" was originally used as an adjective from the late fourteenth century, deriving from Latin via Old French.

Importance of festivals of india in hindi

When used as in the meaning of a festival, most often refers to a religious festival rather than a film or art festival. In the Philippines and many other former Spanish colonies, the Spanish word fiesta is used to denote a communal religious feast to honor a patron saint.

The most important religious festivals such as ChristmasRosh HashanahDiwaliand Eid al-Adha serve to mark out the year. Others, such as harvest festivalscelebrate seasonal change. Events of historical significance, such as important military victories or other nation-building events also provide the impetus for a festival.

Festivals are often commemorated annually.

Importance of festivals of india in hindi

There are numerous types of festivals in the world and most countries celebrate important events or traditions with traditional cultural events and activities. Most culminate in the consumption of specially prepared food showing the connection to "feasting" and they bring people together.

Festivals are also strongly associated with national holidays. Lists of national festivals are published to make participation easier.

Religious festival Among many religionsa feast is a set of celebrations in honour of Gods or God. Most religions have festivals that recur annually and some, such as PassoverEaster and Eid al-Adha are moveable feasts — that is, those that are determined either by lunar or agricultural cycles or the calendar in use at the time.

The Sed festivalfor example, celebrated the thirtieth year of an Egyptian pharaoh 's rule and then every three or four in one case years after that.

In the CatholicEastern Orthodoxand Anglican liturgical calendars there are a great number of lesser feasts throughout the year commemorating saints, sacred events or doctrines.

India is a land of multi-ethnicity where people of different languages and cultures live together with peace and harmony. India is worldwide known for its cultural diversity and colorful Sep 30,  · essay on importance of festivals of india write a paragraph on "Importance of Festivals" in simple and easy words. . Essay on importance of festivals in india in hindi Details about holi colours, colorful holi, holi color, holi colours importance, holi colors, importance of colours, holi festival colours, festival of colours, dissertations enzelsberger julia

In the Philippineseach day of the year has at least one specific religious festival, either from Catholic, Islamic, or indigenous origins. The Sikh community celebrates the Vaisakhi festival marking the new year and birth of the Khalsa.India is a land of festivals, where people from different religions coexist harmoniously.

The wide variety of festivals celebrated in India is a true manifestation of its rich culture and There is a saying in Hindi- ‘Baarah Maas, Terah Utsav’- meaning 13 festivals in 12 months.

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This goes to show the importance of festivals in India!This is only a symbolic representation of Indian festivals which outnumber even the figure 13 because there are far more festivals celebrated in India in a year than this number of  · The festival is known with different names in different parts of the country and rituals and traditions also vary from state to state.

Navratri is celebrated as Durga Puja in various parts of  · Hartalika Teej is one of the three main teej festivals in the country. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped on this day for marital › Home › All India.

Festivals in India carry important messages.

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Some of the important Hindu festivals are Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. In Bihar Chhath is a great festival. One of the, if not the most colorful festivals celebrated in the world, Holi, is representative of India’s essence and beautiful cultural festival celebrated with colors and water in the month of March is a special festival marked all across the

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