Population distribution essay

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Population distribution essay

The universal characteristics of human populations are fundamental to understanding demographic processes of fertility, mortality and migration. Age composition may be summarized in Population distribution essay of age groups e. In India, the age groups are below 15, and above 59, as the age of retirement in our country is generally 60 years.

The sex ratio is most commonly expressed as the number of females per 1, males. One of the important aspects of the population study is the age composition. The age composition strongly influences the rate of growth and has profound effects on the social and economic conditions under which a population lives.

Three basic determinants of age composition are: These are interdependent, and any change in one may influence the other two. It is through these variables that the socio-economic conditions influence the age structure.

It is the fertility rate that determines the proportion of population in different age categories.

Population distribution essay

According to the Census ofin most of the countries of Europe and North America, about 20 per cent of their total population is below the age of 15 years. In India, about 33 per cent of its population is below 15 years in age and 5. On the contrary, the European countries, with low fertility rate and long life expectancy, have only 20 per cent of their populations in the younger age group.

Population distribution essay

Moreover, the proportion of population in the older age groups in developed countries is relatively large. Consequently, most of the countries of Europe, Anglo-America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, which have almost completed their demographic transition, have an age composition in which the proportion of young population 15 is low and that of the old population 65 is high.

The age composition is also affected by the rate of mortality. In general, if the survival rate of the childhood improves, the proportion of children will tend to rise and that of the older people will tend to fall.

And, if the survival rate improvement takes place only among the older people, the proportion of older people will improve but that of children will tend to fall.

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Navegación de entradas Custom Population Density essay paper writing service Buy Population Density essay paper online In demography, population density refers to the number of living human beings per unit of land, commonly per square kilometer or square mile Berns,
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Video coming soon! Victorian houses A high population density implies that the population is high relative to the size of the country. Countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands have a high population density.

Similarly, if the mortality is low both among younger and older age groups as in the case with developed countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, the share of the working population will be larger and the dependency ratio will be low.

In contrast to this, if the decline in mortality is sharper in lower age group than that in the older age group, it results in the swelling up of numbers in younger age group as is the case with most of the populations of developing countries. Migration also has a direct bearing on the age composition.

Those who migrate, generally belong to the relatively younger age group. When the youths out migrate, the population of older adults and aged people starts declining after some time. The impact of migration upon the age structure is largely because of the fact that migration tends to be age-selective.

Generally, people in the age group of years are more mobile than the people in the younger and older age groups. Apart from fertility, mortality and migration, the age structure of population is also influenced significantly by wars male-selective in their casualtycatastrophes, natural calamities and population policies.

The age structure of a given country or region may be analyzed on the basis age groups. On the basis of physiological and economic activities, the population is generally classified into three groups: Although there are no standardized break points, yet the ages of 15 and 60 years are the most commonly used break points in the developing countries and 15 and 65 years in the developed countries.

The social, economic and political implications of these age groups and the geographical variation in their distribution are worthy of serious consideration. All over the world, the young age group includes the population below 15 years of age. The proportion of population in this age group in any country is determined by the stage of demographic transition it is passing through.

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This proportion is large if the country is passing through the first or the second stage of demographic transition. It starts declining as the country approaches the late stage. It is the minimum when the country is in the final stage of demographic transition.

It is interesting to note that while in the world as a whole about 30 per cent population is below the age of 15 years, the corresponding figures for the developed and the developing regions are 20 per cent and 36 per cent respectively.Use the resources above to write a detailed description of the global distribution of population densities.

Remember to use the names of countries and continents, to quote data to support your statements and to be specific when speaking of locations. A Population Explosion Among Californians Of College-Going Age Australian Population Distribution Over Population population Population Expansion On The Recent Discoveries Concerning Nitric Oxide Over-Population Population Distribution Of World’S Population Population Distribution Population Increase- Explosion of People!

Population distribution in china essay

The spatial distribution of population is one of the most important topics of human geography. It is significantly important, because man has brought tremendous change over the earth surface. At present, man is the single most important powerful geographical factor transforming the earth surface at.

Population density is an often reported and commonly compared statistic for places around the world. Population density is the measure of the number people per unit area, commonly represented as people per square mile (or square kilometer).

Population density applies to all organisms on Earth, including the plants that make up vast crops, trees of the jungle, animals on the farm, fish in the ocean, and humans on the planet. Buy Population Density essay paper online In demography, population density refers to the number of living human beings per unit of land, commonly per square kilometer or square mile (Berns, ).

It is possible to compute the population density of the entire world, especially when a person knows the total area in kilometers and the total.

Population Distribution and Sustainable Development Essay