Sally opera and negotiation

What needs to be taken into account in deciding whether a particular negotiation merits a written case study?

Sally opera and negotiation

What happened; what was the outcome; were you successful or not; why and why not; There were five of us who had to come to an agreement that was acceptable to everyone. We were successful, but everyone had to make some major concessions. There was one issue that a couple people violated a walkaway, but it was an unimportant issue to them.

Other than that we came up with a solution where we werent pushed to walk away.

Sally opera and negotiation

I think the idea of the case was to have people who werent willing to Sally opera and negotiation in on certain issues. I kind of felt like nobody but the ceo was very pleased with the outcome, but there really was no other solution.

What was the process of negotiation- opening offers, sequences of offers, counteroffers, anchoring, initial offer, counteroffers?

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What effect did this have on the negotiation? We basically just went through each issue and established our preferences. Then we continued to discuss each issue until we found something that would work. I tried to find a solution that satisfied four of five to a greater degree, but it was apparent that it wasn't going to happen.

Did we explore "expand the pie" options: Did we use the Techniques of Principled Negotiation: The process very quickly turned from arguing our sides to trying to solve a problem. In areas where you felt you were less than totally successful, how might you be more effective next time.

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From this exercise, what did you learn that you are going to try to do better next time you negotiate; I think I would like to have the type of openness where the other persons needs are very clear and you just try to solve a problem as opposed to arguing for what you want.

I dont think this works in a lot of situations though. My strength is more in solving problems than in being agressive towards my own needs. About negotiations What tendencies do you have in negotiation that you need to be careful about too aggressive, too likely to quit searching for solutions once your; What do you feel you need to work on?

What would you do differently next time? I went in having really high hopes that most things would go in my favor. I wasn't expecting as much opposition on each issue.

I think I need to think more about what obstacles I might face before going in. I also think I need to be more confident in my goals going in an focus on that more than my walkaway.

Sally opera and negotiation

If this were a real case, what obstacles to joint problem-solving might you encounter; how would you overcome them? I learned that it is really important to be willing to compromise. Probably more important was being proactive about really finding about the needs of every person in the negotiation.

If this were a real case I think people would have been a lot more emotional about their stances and it would have taken much more time to reach a solution. I would not be suprised if this was a real case if a couple people walked away because the personalities of the characters seemed a little more stubborn than we were.View Sally Thompsett’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Sally has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sally’s Title: Founder of The Hitchin School of . Articles by Sally O'Neill.

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10 November A joint statement from the Royal Opera House and Equity. First House of Commons debate about the arts in . Norbert Jacker and Mark Gordon Two-party integrative negotiation between agents for an opera singer and an opera house regarding a possible contract for an upcoming production.

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