The events at gamla essay

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The events at gamla essay

It is a day to give thanks for material abundance; the main event is feasting, with traditional turkey as the main meal, Thanksgiving sometimes referred as turkey day.

Turkey has been the main meal eaten during Thanksgiving for many generations.

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Other foods served include cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. Stuffing usually made from white, wheat, or rye bread. Sausages, apples, raisins, oysters, chestnuts, celery, and other vegetables may also be part of the stuffing.

The first thanksgiving started in between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag at Plymouth colony, which is the present day Massachusetts; it was a three-day celebration of good harvest. The Pilgrims originated from England, where they had fled to escape religious persecutions because of opposing the way the bishops in England used to hold the religious ceremonies.

They were neither Catholics nor Protestants and did not like the many rituals in the church like candles, incense, and organic music, thus they started meeting in homes and held their own bible studies Baker, Bymost Christians in England, Ireland, and Scotland started to feel the same way and felt the need to purify the church making them to be nicknamed puritans.

They also wanted to separate the church from the government, considered an act of treason. A group of a hundred and twenty five puritans decided to separate from the Church of England and started a voyage to America using a ship known as Mayflower.

The journey would be long and dangerous; they faced violent winds, waves, thunder and storms, and many of them became sick. They ate salty beef and pork and did not have vegetables and as a result, many of them developed scurvy, which led to deaths during the first winter Baker, There was no water to drink and so all of them drunk beer, including the children, they were very crowded in the ship and could not bath or even wash their clothes.

They arrived in America in after a journey that lasted 66 days, the new land looked desolate, and there were no people to welcome them; the Wampanoag Indians were the only neighbors they had. That winter, 46 of the Pilgrims died and it seemed as if no one would survive.

Inthey became friends with Indians who taught them to grow corn, catch eel and served as interpreters. The next year they had plenty of harvest so they decided to celebrate with a feast and invited their Indian friends.

Several men went hunting, came back with turkey, duck, and geese and they held three days of celebrations. They sat around a large table to share the food and always prayed before the meals.

They roasted the turkey in open fires; they also ate oysters, clams, and fish. After the American civil war thanksgiving traditions varied in the different states. Church services, traditional feasts that included turkey and pumpkin pie, shooting matches, high school football, thanksgiving parade, American football, high school football games, and turkey bowl contests became common.

The events at gamla essay

Inthe National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation was established. The National Turkey Federation usually presents one live turkey and two dressed turkeys to the President. J F Kennedy spared the turkey that given to him and in Ronald Reagan pardoned his turkey.

President George Bush introduced the tradition of turkey pardon incarried out annually up to date Smith, Turkeys were among the first among the first domesticated birds in Native America and with time they became symbol of divinity and friendship and this may have influenced their inclusion into the Thanksgiving celebrations by the early European settlers.

Turkey farming has become a big business in America; The Broad Breasted White breed is the commonest and provides the most white breast meat per bird. The heritage breeds resembling the wild turkey have started increasing in popularity but have lower breast to dark meat ratio.Venice festival presents many events such as music, ballet, fireworks night, mardi gras, theatre and circus street entertainments all around the city.

This is a festival for spending money. On this festival people spend a huge amount of money lavishly on the purpose of gambling and other worldly pleasure.

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