The importance of paying attention to

The Importance of Being Present As you read this, what are you thinking? Are you really concentrating on this material, or does your mind drift toward what you have to do next? Miss Devlin, my second grade teacher, "lost it" after I stopped paying attention one too many times.

The importance of paying attention to

When looking for a job, you will find greater success by looking for openings in places that others overlook. Focusing on the small details will, in aggregate, bring you much greater success than focusing on the bigger picture, so start by tending to one detail at a time.

One of the most important things you can do in your career, business, and life is pay attention to details. With very few exceptions, the most successful people I have met always have an extraordinary ability to pay attention to even the smallest details.

In fact, the more you examine successful people, the more it becomes clear that they are often obsessed and incredibly knowledgeable about details. The importance of paying attention to my house, shows like The Hills and so forth are on all the time.

I was at a party a few years ago where I had to sign a bunch of releases because the back of my head was apparently on camera when they were taping the show. A lot of the good-looking young people on these shows are very, very successful.

Watching them, though, it is hard to understand why they are so successful, because none of them seem all that intelligent. In fact, the shows are often comical because the kids seem so concerned about surface-level sorts of things.

The importance of paying attention to

If you tried to speak with any of these kids about anything mildly intellectual, it seems as if their eyes would glaze over and they probably would not be too interested in whatever you were talking about.

When I first started meeting successful Hollywood types years ago, I was baffled. Most of them did not seem all that intelligent, and they seemed mostly preoccupied with superficial things that seemed relatively unimportant to me.

Frankly, I did not understand how these people could be doing so well. The more I observed them and saw what they were doing, though, the more I realized how incredibly in tune they were with details.

In terms of their diet, many of them even the men had a profound understanding of the calorie count of certain foods, the danger of mixing certain foods, the importance of avoiding sugars and fats, and all sorts of things. Moreover, they had intricate knowledge of hairstyles, different fashions, and more.

Finally, they were aware of an incredible number of social intricacies, always in-the-know regarding various events, who was in and who was out, and more. Being successful in Hollywood is a skill. I would argue that you need to be raised and bred for it to some extent. I do not care if they have great scholastic skills or not; the people who are able to experience success in the entertainment business are in tune with and are always looking out for an incredible number of details.

The importance of paying attention to

Skills required in Hollywood such as social survival and advancement, maintaining looks, being in the good graces of the right people—all involve being aware of numerous incredibly small details that other people would probably overlook.

Then there is the separate matter of maintaining a thick skin and a high self-esteem in the face of constant rejection.

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The Hollywood moguls are fascinating. One of the more interesting stories is that of David Geffen. Geffen never completed college and started out working in the mail room at a talent agency.

He eventually became a billionaire by representing people in the music business, and he started a film company as well. A secret to his success, I used to hear, was that Geffen never drank, smoked, or used drugs, and he spent his career negotiating and doing business with musicians and others who were always under the negative influence of one substance or another.

Due to this fact, Geffen used to tell people that he was able to negotiate all sorts of details in his favor. Being aware of details is not just important for Hollywood types; it is important in every profession.

Whether you are a lawyer, a teacher, a waitress, or a professional athlete, your ability to pay attention to details will determine your success or failure.The Importance of Attention to Detail Paying Attention to Foreign Affairs: How Public Opinion Affects Presidential Decision Making Deborah Moggach uses humour to address social issues consider how she does this, paying particular attention to her use of .

Focusing your attention on each of your children boosts their self-esteem. Time alone together gives you the chance to know each child in a special way.

Individual attention can make you more aware of what each child thinks and feels. You want all your kids to feel valued and appreciated. But when. Oct 19,  · One of the greatest lessons of my life is the importance of really paying attention. Things change and we grow when we decide (and it is a choice) to pay attention -- to our thinking, to what.

Paying attention is ultimately an act of loving kindness towards ourselves. If we love a child, we pay attention to her. We watch this child thrive as we give her our attention. Jul 19,  · Being aware of details is not just important for Hollywood types; it is important in every profession.

Whether you are a lawyer, a teacher, a waitress, or a professional athlete, your ability to pay attention to details will determine your success or failure/5(11).

Yet siblings of kids with learning and attention issues can easily feel lost in the shuffle. Not getting regular attention from you can affect their self-esteem and personal development. Your .

The Importance of the Power of Attention