The pub survive thrive or die five forces

The accident that killed Eddie left an indelible mark on Annie. It took her left hand, which needed to be surgically reattached. Bullied by her peers and haunted by something she cannot recall, Annie struggles to find acceptance as she grows. When, as a young woman, she reconnects with Paulo, her childhood love, she believes she has finally found happiness.

The pub survive thrive or die five forces

And, even those five are really connected to one thing: In fact, please do! And, if everyone else is completely insane, how about you and me? You And Me In this era of insanity, I have come to realize that we are not invulnerable to the mass delusions that sweep through our society.

If we choose to walk the same path that our less-sane brothers and sisters walk, we will succumb to the same mental problems that they have.

The pub survive thrive or die five forces

For instance, I have a good friend — a great brother in Christ — who believes that cow farts cause global warning. I have another friend — a tremendous and Godly sister in Christ — who was going to vote for Hillary Clinton, before God shook her awake.

And, I have met very few people who truly understand that natural resources are not infinite. I could go on and on — in fact, I have. But, the bottom line is that we are at great risk of infection — by a disease that inhabits the minds of a society racing headlong into the abyss.

I run into victims of this disease all the time. And, I can hardly believe that such seemingly rational people have faith in ideas that are so crazy.

But, then again, I can look back and see some pretty irrational thinking in my own life. Well, it IS possible, which is why I write what I write.

This film provides examples of:

In this horrifying era of insanity, we are all vulnerable to being pulled into the Abyss, along with everyone else. The only thing that will keep you from that is God.

There can be no truth without God. And, when I look around me, I realize that there can be no sanity without God. To put it another way… …the only truly sane people in this world, are Christians. That brings to mind a saying that has been attributed to Desiderius Erasmus: Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about sanity.

In the land or era of the insane, the truly sane are despised. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

In our insane rush into the Abyss, we have only just begun. I sometimes cave in to temptation and do that, but I really wanted to talk about sanity. So, I promised myself that I would quote my doomsday article at the end of this piece.

So, here it is, from September 13th, How could he possibly do that without the help of thermonuclear bombs in the multi-megaton range?

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Very little in our world seems to make sense.

The pub survive thrive or die five forces

It’s as if the people around us are living in an alternate reality, vastly different from the one that you and I live in. And, it is that insanity that will destroy the world.

Worse, the insanity is so great, so broad and so deep, that pointing it out.

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