Turnitin assignment

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Turnitin assignment

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How do I find out if my course contains a Turnitin requirement? To find out if a Turnitin Similarity Report is a requirement with a written assignment in your particular course, check your syllabus or ask your mentor. Please note that the Turnitin requirement in some courses will be at the discretion of your mentor.

If a Turnitin Similarity Report requirement is already in your online course syllabus, you will see a "Using Turnitin for Assignments" link on the same page as your syllabus and course calendar.

You may also find a Turnitin link within the course module containing the written assignment that requires an accompanying Turnitin Similarity Report. After clicking the link, a pop-up window should appear. Complete the instructions to create a user profile page on the Turnitin site.

If a Turnitin Similarity Report is not listed as a requirement in your syllabus, your mentor may still require you to submit a similarity report for selected writing assignments.

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Your mentor will alert you as to which assignment s are involved.Training. Schedule a live, online training session with a certified trainer.

Turnitin assignment

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No universally adopted definition of academic plagiarism exists; however, this section provides several definitions to exemplify the most common characteristics of academic plagiarism..

According to Bela Gipp academic plagiarism encompasses: "The use of ideas, concepts, words, or structures without appropriately acknowledging the source.

Although Turnitin is usually used for plagiarism detection, instructors who use Turnitin have the option of not using the plagiarism detection (“originality checking”) features, and may choose to use Turnitin Assignments in order to have access to the Rubric, GradeMark and PeerMark tools. Turnitin is a free service for the University’s enrolled students and Turnitin Similarity Reports are now required in many courses that contain at least one writing assignment.

It is important to remember that only you see similarity reports generated by Turnitin until you are ready to .

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