Youth problem in hong kong

However, increased industrialisation and Westernisation have also caused health problems for children in Hong Kong including a significant increase in the child obesity rate. Obesity Obesity is a relatively recent health risk for Hong Kong youths. In the last 15 years, an increase in prosperity amongst families, tied with an increase in Western fast-food culture, and a switch in popularity from sports to video games has created a large percentage of obese youths. This increase is definitely damaging to the future population of Hong Kong as obesity in childhood increases the early onset of morbidity and mortality in adulthood.

Youth problem in hong kong

Man admits talking girlfriend into suicidal bridge jump 21 Sep There has been a startling number of suicides among young people in Hong Kong in the past few weeks. The spate has helped spur discussion about stress and depression and the need for change. While the actual suicide rate among those aged between 15 and 24 in Hong Kong has increased only slightly over the past five years, the number of teens who report being depressed is of concern.

A citywide survey found that nearly half of secondary school students showed signs of depression. From our pilot study of incoming students at Chinese University, nearly a third reported having depressive symptoms in the past five years and 7 per cent had been suicidal, but very few have ever been screened or counselled for mental health concerns.

Speaking out on teen suicide: Having lived in Hong Kong for years and recently moved to the Netherlands, a few key factors stand out. One is the pressure to perform well academically. When speaking to students, they uniformly agreed that academic pressure is one of the top reasons for stress.

One told me that parents often set unrealistic expectations. She cited a friend whose mother would severely chastise her for any grade lower than an A.

Another teen told me that he sometimes receives text messages from friends who are thinking about hurting themselves because of the pressure to fit in and to do well. A second factor is the lack of downtime. Students are often required to go from one tutorial or activity to another, with a rare break for relaxation.

One student disclosed she had been cutting herself for a year, but was afraid to tell her parents.

Youth problem in hong kong

Another factor is the significant use of social media and the internet. Quite a few of the students I spoke to knew someone who was often on social media or video game sites. Multi-pronged approach needed to tackle student suicides How can we prepare kids to handle problems, communicate, turn off the screen, be less stressed and relax?

After moving to the Netherlands from Hong Kong, I was surprised to learn very few Dutch children receive tutorials after school. In fact, most Dutch kids ride a bike or play sports after school.

Dutch parents are extremely candid about discussing issues with kids such as depression, sex and drugs and give them a much higher level of autonomy at younger ages.

This may all explain in part why Dutch kids are often cited as the happiest children in the world. Most of the students in Hong Kong whom I spoke to told me that they had experienced stress.

Quite a few said they were regularly stressed. Studies have shown that chronic stress during childhood can have lifelong negative effects on the developing brain. Kids need to be given tools to handle depression and stress at early ages.Youth IDEAS Reports p Youth Hong Kong looks at local youth issues in a global context.

Published quarterly for readers in the education, public, business and NGO sectors by . Legislative Council Secretariat IN12/ Research and Library Services Division page 1 INFORMATION NOTE The youth drug abuse problem in Hong Kong. Young night drifters (abbreviated YNDs; Chinese: 青少年深宵外展) is a term used by the Hong Kong Government to refer to adolescents who loiter at night.

[1] [2] [3] In the past, a YND was defined as a young person (18 and under) loitering outside buildings at night. [4]. Youth Situation, Youth Policy and Youth Unemployment in Hong Kong 1 Youth Situation, Youth Policy and Youth Unemployment in Hong Kong Introduction This report consists of 4 sections.

Section 1 sets the scene of the report by describing the profile of young people in Hong Kong. Section 2 attempts to provide an analysis of youth policy in Hong Kong, with special reference to its background and related problems.

Rental and Price Indices of Hong Kong. Office premise is a necessity for a business to physically start running. In Hong Kong, there are three different types of property for businesses – Offices, Commercial and Industrial. Since Hong Kong is a small city, property prices are often very high.

In the first place Hong Kong is the only place in China where the media are allowed – if they wish, and some of them don’t – to report China matters as honestly as they can.

Youth problem in hong kong
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